Friday, May 20, 2011

Rewinding back

in one word or phrase- I want to see
I'm dreaming of you
this week's splurge- Sseko sandals from Uganda. My husband calls them my Moses sandals. ha!
songs on repeat-
In Motion-Social Network Soundtrack
John Mark McMillan-Death in his grave
gotta write it down-
 "Self can never satisfy a heart made for God." John Piper
"God is not proud...He will have us even though we have shown that we prefer everything else to Him." C.S. Lewis
lesson learned- Never depend on your 4 year old to give you notes from the teacher. Just found out an hour before school starts that today is the last day of school, he has a graduation ceremony, he has to wear something special, and there will be no bus ride to bring him home. Which doesn't work with having 3 other small kiddos at home with no car or carseats. Oh boy! Big thanks to my mama for saving the day.
highlight of the week-
Having some down time.
picture to frame- our pre-k grad!
weekend to do list- lots of birthdays. I think I'm going to do some baking too. I've been wanting to try this recipe and this one.

How was your week?
Play along if you'd like.
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