Monday, April 25, 2011

big fat baby

So I'm totally doing that "my baby is not a baby mope" today. Micah started school this morning. I went in last week to register him and because he is a September baby they said that he had to finish out the last 4 weeks of pre-k before he could be enrolled for kindergarten this year. So I filled everything out and here he is in school much sooner than I expected. sigh.
At first I was like YES! A not completely quiet home, but a little quieter. I'll get more things done with him at school, yada yada yada. About an hour after dropping him off I was looking at old baby pictures with tears in my eyes. ha! I'm a big fat baby!

You don't understand I dropped him off and he didn't even look back to see if I had left or not. My heart broke a little bit. Such a big boy now.  Where did my baby go?

I will be watching this 100 times today. ha! Micah's first laugh caught on camera. Off to sulk. Thanks for letting me mope today.

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