Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shop friend- Poppie Lane

I've decided that every once in awhile I'd love to interview some of my favorite shop friends on here and who better to start off with then Lauren from Poppie Lane.

Lauren was one of my very first blog friends. Watching her adoption story unfold was such a blessing to me. Lauren is such a sweet friend of mine if you haven't stopped by her blog you definitely should.  (She just happens to be asking me a few questions today too.)

a little q&a with Lauren...

1. How did your shop get started?
I started my shop in September 2010 after watching an online tutorial for fabric flowers. I had been trying to think up more ways for us to raise the funds for our adoption and after the tutorial it just hit me... "I could SELL these!" The shop has undergone quite a bit of transformation over the last 6 months, and it was hugely successful in bringing in funds. We now have our son home and the shop is helping other families bring their children home.

2. What does a typical day look like for you?
My days are anything but typical since becoming a mom 6 weeks ago, but we're starting to get into a routine. We wake up anywhere between 6-8am. We have coffee and breakfast while playing with our son. He gets a bath and then goes down for a morning nap 2 hours after wake up. During that nap I usually check my email, catch up on blogging, and grab a super fast shower. Then comes lunch and more play time and snuggles. During afternoon nap time I make most of my orders. My husband gets home from work at 5pm and the baby goes to bed between 6-7pm. After dinner I spend time with my husband unless he has homework (he's in seminary). If he has work to do then I work on more orders. That's a very loose layout of my days. :)

3. Where do you draw inspiration from currently?
I get inspiration from so many things! My two favorite web sites for inspiration are and I also love browsing other crafting blogs and fashion sites for color ideas and such.

4. Name your top 5 favorite Etsy shops.
5. Tell us 5 things about you that have nothing to do with your business!
  • I have always had an interest in Africa and wondered if it would somehow be a part of my life... we now have a son from Ethiopia and are hoping to live there someday!
  •  I brush my teeth with hot water - we wash dishes in hot water to make them cleaner, so why not teeth?
  • Pink and gray are my current favorite colors.
  • I met my husband in a bar called "Hell's Kitchen" ... 3 months later he rededicated his life to Christ, and I became a born again Christian. Now we've been married nearly 6 years, he's a youth pastor in seminary and we live each day for Jesus. It's amazing what God's redeeming love can do.
  • We have two cats even though I've been begging for a dog since the day we got married. Sigh.

Thank you so much Lauren!
Find more about her here:
Poppie Lane {the blog}
Poppie Lane {the shop}
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