Monday, March 21, 2011

secret #8

#8. filling the empty spaces

Every so often I feel the urgent need to reevaluate my life and sort of clean house.
Cut out the energy wasters, all the things in my life that are just time fillers and aren't really bringing any good. Or I need to tend to the parts that are holding me back from getting to where I want to be.

In John 15 Jesus talks about how His Father is the gardener who cuts off the branches that are not bearing fruit and tends to the ones that are so that they can produce even more.  If you say that you love Jesus and are following Him but you aren't seeing any fruit in your life then maybe it's time for some pruning.

And after that's done ask yourself,
"What am I filling myself up with everyday?" 
 We all are filling the empty spaces with something. But is it something that's going to  change you, help you to grow, and truly fill you up and be something that you want to pour out to others? Is it going to bring you real lasting joy?

If you have any knots choking you from the vine (Jesus) tend it! We are meant to live fruitful meaningful lives.
 Be careful what you are filling up on.

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