Friday, January 14, 2011

rewinding the week

in one word or phrase- "God. You are in control. You are driving this thing. And I'm just along for the ride."
I’m dreaming of you- Kim over at Oh sweet joy's collection of fabric covered jewelry is adorable.
song on repeat – This week it was the Fanfarlo & JJ Heller stations on pandora. What stations do you listen to?
Gotta write it down-“We can study the scriptures every single day- but if we do not live them out in love- not ONE WORD abides in us.” –Beth Moore
lesson learned- ‎Praying isn't so much about changing the external circumstances going on as it is about changing me and how I see things.
picture to frame- I came across this old favorite. It's from the time we got lost at the grand canyon and it started snowing.
highlights of the week- Skylar learned how to blow mommy kisses.
weekend to do list- Snowboarding!!!

Have a great weekend friends!
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