Monday, December 20, 2010

Celebrating the holidays

Last night we celebrated Christmas with our friends by throwing a little party at our place. Best part about the holidays is spending time with your favorite people and sharing lots and lots of laughs. And playing the white elephant game.

I love how everyone's taller than my cheap garage sale tree. I had to show you this picture (cont. from this post)...look a few bulbs still left standing!!!
 My big brother and I. I love how he makes me take off my heels before taking pictures with him.

Some of my favorite white elephant gifts from the night...
Giant floor piano. Think about the movie big with Tom Hanks. I sadly didn't end up with this one.
My dad ended up with an autographed photo of the Hoff. So jealous.
You have to throw Bieber and the snuggie in there.
Overall great night with friends. The season is flying by too fast! 5 DAYS until the Big one!!!

What are some of the best white elephant gifts
you've given or recieved?

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