Friday, November 12, 2010


in one word or phrase- I am restless until I rest in you
I’m dreaming of you- Uganda
song on repeat – Misty Edwards- I am yours
Though I sleep, my heart is awake
Though It's night, on You I wait
For when I heard Your voice
When You said my name
When I heard Your voice
My heart it yearned for you
gotta write it down- "Let your mind fly toward "what if?" Let your what if become "why-not?" Then you're on your way.  -Earnie Larsen
lesson learned-We have a choice. We can cling to short term treasures that we can't keep, or we can live for long-term treasures that we can't lose.
picture to frame- I bet you wish your dog was this cool
highlight of the week- watching Sky play with baby Linnea. I love how excited he gets to see her. It's the cutest thing.
weekend to do list- last minute boutique of sorts, wine & movie night with friends.

I hope your week was wonderful!
Happy Friday!
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