Monday, August 2, 2010

Your word is life to me

I woke up this morning with this urgent need to be rejuvenated. I admit it’s been a couple of weeks since I sat down and was just quiet. Since I dove in to the word and really sat and talked with God. I don’t know if this is how it goes for you but this is what happens to me when I let time go by without being filled- I become too complacent with my days and before I know it my soul is starving and without that life going in, there’s a major slowdown in the good coming out.

This morning I was reminded of something and that was that only masterpieces get restored. And that’s what we are, we are His valuable workmanship that constantly needs mend and only He can do that. I have this proneness to go astray and it constantly reminds me of just how much I need Him every day. It’s an ongoing process, I will always need filling. I may get side tracked but He loves me, and has compassion for me and knows that sometimes I get lost and when I can’t find my way back He comes to me and guides me back to where I belong.

“Despite what the world says, we gain strength and power not from our independence, but from our dependence on Him.”

(photo found here)
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