Wednesday, August 11, 2010

living my last days

Yesterday Stephen and I spent most of our night parked outside of kinkos on hold with the IRS for more than an hour and a half. Why we were on the phone with the IRS is a very long story so I'll skip that part but I can happily say that annoyance is finally taken care of. Yay for house decorating money finally coming soon.

While we were sitting there we found this deck of cards in the car that on the back have questions for you to ask your spouse so we had some fun rediscovering new things about each other. My favorite question was how would you treat your significant other if you knew that you only had ten more years left with them? It was such a good question that I've been dwelling on it all day.

If every morning I woke up believing that I was living my last days I would do things so differently. I wouldn't take the people I love most for granted. I would slow down and just really enjoy every second with my boys. So many things would change. The crazy thing is that I could have less than ten years right now. I could have ten days. We never know which day could be our last so we should start making our days count. I know I want to. Just something I was thinking about.

“For we were born yesterday…our days on earth are as a transient as a shadow.” Job 8:9

What would you do
if you knew you were living
your last days?
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