Tuesday, July 27, 2010

shopping l.o.v.e

If you haven’t been able to tell yet I’m kind of obsessed with online shopping. I think it’s that taking two boys out into the hot arizona heat to shop is a nightmare. For those of you who are my facebook friends you may have read my status update this weekend that said this …

So shopping on the web is a lifesaver for me. When I’m not shopping etsy, I know I can always find great things at overstock.com

Right now we’re in the process of decorating our new home so here are a couple things I’ve been drooling over.
Don’t you love this sofa? And it has a storage spot inside when you lift the cushion. I love buying pieces that have a classic vintage feel but are still a bit modern at the same time.
I don’t know how I got from a sofa to sunglasses but I love them. So bright and fun for summer.
After that while looking through the women's shoes I came across Jessica Simpson’s shoe line. She actually has some realllly cute shoes and they’re pretty reasonably priced too.

Look at this engagement ring. Don’t they say that 5 years means upgrade? ha! We actually bought my wedding band from overstock. Shhhh don’t tell. ;) Is it weird that I would actually rather upgrade my kitchen table than my danty little ring? I'm just admiring this one for now.

Yes I know I said shopping for the house and sunglasses, shoes and diamond rings would not exactly be for the house. But it’s fun to look right? I actually did end up buying some curtains and I love them. I’ll post pictures later after I finish making the rest of my house pretty.

Anyone else like to find goodies on overstock?

oh and check out this video. It was so cute and brightened my morning. :)
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