Friday, June 11, 2010

Hallelujah it's Friday

in one word or phrase- I press on
I’m dreaming of you- Kauai I miss you. Yep took this picture. Sigh* someone take me back there!
song on repeat- Misty Edwards- I listen to her songs over and over again. They minister to me so much. I will waste my life, finally I surrender, I sleep & pledge are some of my favorites. I am in love with you there is no cost. I am in love with you there is no loss. I turn my back on every other lover and press on.” My heart summed up in lyrics.
gotta write it down- Micah:"Mom if you don't give me a popsicle right now my tummy is going to be really really mad at you!"
lesson learned- You have to be deliberate in your actions. Constantly give, serve, love. If you are not actively doing things not to be immersed by this self absorbed culture then you probably already are.
picture to frame-
stealing kisses while I still can.
highlight of the week- My baby took his first steps this week. Every time I pulled the video camera out he stopped. But I’ll try to catch it and post it another time.
weekend to do list- Dressing up like a pirate and floating down the salt river with friends for my big 2-5.

Happy weekend friends!
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