Thursday, April 8, 2010

don't you hate it

So this past weekend my husband and I finally hung up pictures after being in our house for four months. I’m really normally not a procrastinator when it comes to this stuff. I don’t know why it took me this long. Anyway, Saturday night friends were over and when they were looking at the photo collage on one of my walls they pointed out that there were random girls in several of my photos. So when I went over and looked, sure enough they were right. Don’t you hate that! When a friend or family member, seems to have a different date to every big event and for some reason the girl ends up ruining what would have been a fantastic picture. Not that she looks bad, it’s just you know you will never see her again after that night, well except of course hanging on your wall forever. Am I alone or is this a problem for anyone else?

This predicament is also seen on how I met your mother if any of you are fans of the show. I watch it from time to time and it always cracks me up. This episode talks all about the issue-who is that girl? Any suggestions on how to get rid of this problem? I guess it's a funny dillema to have. If you're reading this, love you Josh. No worries about the picture above just a funny example. :)
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