Wednesday, March 31, 2010

when I was a kid...

Right now Micah is going through this stage where he is fascinated by superheroes. He tells me he's spiderman and that I'm the princess and he's going to rescue me. I absolutely love this. It made me think about what was I doing when I was his age?

5 things I wished for as a kid
1.To be a figure skater or ballerina. I would dance all around the house pretending I was one. Even took ice skating lessons which I don't think is a common thing in Arizona.
2. I wanted to be a teenager so that I could have a boyfriend. Looking back now I don’t know why I would ever wish for that. ha! I was boy crazy at a very young age. Which is one of the reasons why I’m thankful I have two boys. (still hoping for a daddys girl for Stephen someday though.)
3. To be a mommy. I dreamt about being a mommy since I was little girl. sigh* living my dreams.
4. A cupboard stocked with sugary cereals. My mom made us eat healthy cereal, you know the yucky kind with no flavor, and I remember thinking that when I was an adult I was only going to eat the good tasting kind. And now…I eat all the healthy stuff. ha!
5. I wanted my brother to be nice to me. There are two types of older brothers. One who protects you and looks after you, sticks up for you. And the other that torments you and plays pranks on you and constantly picks on you. My big brother was the latter. But he's nice to me now so I can be thankful about that. I think when I moved out he realized how much he missed me. :)

What did you wish for as a kid?

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