Friday, March 26, 2010

Things I'm loving...part deux

Loving the bridesmaid dress I'll be wearing for Brandy's wedding. I'll admit pink is not my color. I think I own one pink shirt. But this sweet pea color is growing on me. And the dress is actually pretty comfy so I'm happy. Oh and doesn't the tattoo just look hot with the baby pink. :P not quite. Oops!

Favorite music of the week goes to Misty Edwards for her amazing, powerful, love songs to the Lord. They minister to me so much and get me excited for deeper things in my life. I sleep, finally I surrender, you won't relent, I will waste my life, my soul longs for you, and see the way are several of my favorites. Put one on the playlist. Should be on there for a while.

Berries! Been eating these all week. So yummy! "There's a party in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy." Anyone know what that's from? Micah and I sing this all the time. Unfortunately someone taught Micah how to switch around some words to the song. You could probably guess what words. Hilarious but inappropriate so on to the next thing...

I don't know why, maybe I'm just super weird, but I've taken some funny pictures of Micah sleeping this week.

Ok the first one more cute than weird but he fell asleep on Kula and they were both snoring away. It was adorable. I had to take a picture. The second one-shades and hat, chillin in the car. He's so cool. And the last one, probably the best one, he was saving it for a midnight snack. He's going to think I'm a dork for posting these one day but they were too cute. Everything he does makes me smile.

So that's what I loved this week, what about you?
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