Saturday, March 20, 2010

Things I'm loving today...

There will never be too much time spent with you.

Browsing through old pictures I found this one of us from a camping trip a few years back. I'll always be completely content in this spot-my happy place. I love this old picture so much that I made it my desktop.

Also loving Taylor Swift's today was a fairy tale. I honestly haven't listened to the radio in months so if this is the most overplayed song right now I wouldn't know. It's new to me and I think it's such a sweet love song.

Loving these photo collages. I'm thinking about doing something a little like this for the house.
I just need an old school poloraid camera first.  Maybe for my birthday. (hint hint) And this is a very cool possiblity for a substitute headboard to the bed. And I want to paint  our bedroom this same green. Awh so nice to have our first home. So many decorating dreams.

This picture cracked me up. I'm one of those jerks who laugh when I get hurt or someone else gets hurt. Not seriously hurt of course, but when people walk into sliding doors or trip on the curb I can't help but burst into laughter. I think its a sick disease I have. But this picture reminds me of one my funniest memories. Remind me to tell you someday. Mom you know what I'm talking about. Gas station-Texas. ;)

Yummy treats that I'm loving right now and their healthy too.
Now I'm off to eat cake and ice cream...
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