Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm starting two new books today. yaaaay! This makes me very happy because it's been awhile since I found a book that was worth getting excited over. I've been in a book slump, the last 5 I picked up from the library didn't wow me in the slightest. Soooo I'm feeling hopeful for these two books. They are inspirational, spiritual reads. Here they are in case anyone wants to pick up a copy and read along with me. They are pretty short so shouldn't take too long. I'll post my thoughts when I'm done.

Crazy Love by Francis Chan- saw a video clip of him talking about it and I was immediately hooked.

And David Crowder Band is one of my favorite christian bands so had to read this one and the title was pretty cool -"finding God in Sunsets and Sushi" loved that.

(reading photo from here)
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