Monday, March 15, 2010

29 before 30

I'm turning 25 in a few months. And I know so many people would slap me if I said that was old so I won't say it's old, its just so mid-twentish. ha! Not sure I like that just yet. I feel like from the second I turned 21 (the same year I became a mommy) the years really started to fly by. Before I know it 30 will be here. So I thought this would be fun- here are 29 things I would like to accomplish before I turn 30. It will be interesting to look back on this in five years and see how many things I can cross off.
Here we go...

1. Buy an old school Polaroid camera.
2. Learn how to cook, really cook
3. Finish our family with baby #3.
4. Go on more missions trips out of the country.
5. Print all the million photos I have stored on my computer and scrapbook them.
6. Actually put money in my savings account and pay off my credit cards.
7. Go on a real road trip.
8. Try something artsy, like paint something for my house.
9. Write a letter to everyone special in my life telling them exactly what they mean to me.
10. Volunteer more.
11. Find more time to be quiet.
12. Go back to Hawaii.
13. Learn to sew.
14. Travel places I’ve never been before.
15. Take a risk. Do something scary & dangerous.
16. Change someone’s mind about something I care deeply about.
17. Have a professional family photo shoot.
18. Have more frequent date nights and romantic getaways with Stephen.
19. Go on a sail boat. I don't know why I've just always wanted to do this.
20. Spend New Years dressed up somewhere spectacular.
21. Read the classics.
22. Play a sport and actually be kind of good at it.
23. Overcome a fear.
24. Go tail gating with friends.
25. Re-learn how to drive a stick shift and remember this time.
26. Be happy with my body after all done having babies.
27. Start an etsy shop.
28. Learn to play an instrument with my boys.
29. Be more eternally minded.

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