Friday, February 26, 2010

Taste the rainbow

Dear Skittles,

You kill me every time!

I have the weirdest diet/exercise habit in the world. For half the month  I will be super conscientious of what I’m eating and I'll work out at least a few times a week for 20 minutes or more. I know I know 20 minutes is nothing, but when you have two kids throwing cars between your legs and using your body as a jungle gym while you do crunches, 20 minutes is great. So I'll get up and sip my green tea, and eat my healthy cereal and this will last for about two weeks. Half the month I’m a good girl. Then the other half I pretty much ruin everything I did the first two weeks. It's not a pretty cycle. If you know me, or if you’ve hung around me while I was pregnant you know that I am a big time sucker for skittles. It’s the one candy I cannot resist. Chocolate lover-no way! I could live without chocolate. Yes I did just say that. Ha! But when it comes to those yummy rainbow pieces of heaven it's a must have. So my two weeks are up and its back to healthy. Motivation where are you? Oh and by the way, I've had about 50 jelly beans today. Dang you Easter candy coming out in February! Who invented candy? I love them and hate them. Random I know. 

(photo from here)
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